Bitcoin cash introduces new security features against double spending

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In a recently released paper, Tom Zander, the developer of Bitcoin cash announced the implementation of new parameters in the BCH Blockchain to reduce the risk of fraud including double spending, followed by a new system of strengthening the confidentiality.

Notable improvements in security

To facilitate the use of the BCH network, Blockchain developers have introduced new security-related parameters. Presented in a specific technical document, these new features concern an improvement of “cahsfusion” . These include an extension of Cashshuffle , the BCH mix application without a trusted third party.

Designed to improve privacy without compromising asset security, Cashshuffle allows you to mix various cryptocurrency and consolidate it into a single address to blur traceability.

With cashfusion, this potential was pushed by incorporating a system of unannounced verification of inputs and outputs.

“It’s a challenge in itself, because we want to hide the input links while simultaneously trying to blame / ban users who do not sign all their entries,” says the documentation .

Reduce the double expense

The double expense is a fraud inherent in crypto-currencies which consists in making recipients believe that they have received a single token while the sender has used it several times in a row.

Bitcoin was the first platform to introduce serial numbers to record transaction histories in a unique way.

Today, Tom Zander announces the involvement of a proof of double expense or DSP that is to alert fraud when registering a transaction so as to prohibit any re-creation of expenditure on the same token.

“The evidence of double spending has been an idea for years, many people have talked about it and we had some initial specifications and even a conference about it last year,” Zander said in the release.

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