Bitcoin (BTC): soon to 20 000 dollars?

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While the Bitcoin chain explosive increases since April, observers crypto-market agree that crossing the bar of $ 10,000 is a massive investment lever. However, an analyst known as CL has recently indicated that the true FOMO would only happen when the BTC reaches $ 20,000.

An outstanding FOMO

After spending the $ 10,000 mark, many observers and institutional investors began to take an interest in Bitcoin.

Among them, Tom Lee said that the $ 10,000 represents a threshold to trigger a FOMO but this opinion does not seem to be shared by all.

Recently, CL, a well-known social media analyst, published a report stating that the $ 10,000 was a good start but not enough to trigger the massive waves of investment.

“What is surprising – or not surprising – is how well the public is aware of this. People less informed still think that Bitcoin was just a craze or that it always tends to zero, “he says in the report .

Bitcoin does not attract

According to CL’s explanations, public interest in the recovery of bitcoin prices in recent months is not significant.

The latter insinuates that the indices mentioned by Google Trends , which indicates a strong attractiveness of cryptocurrency number 1, are just distractions.

“The data suggests that Bitcoin is currently going through an initial stealth phase of its dazzling race,” he says before continuing: 
“This stealthy phase is however characterized by a significant growth of Bitcoin with minimal public attention […] In fact, there is as much research on Google for Bitcoin today at more ($ 10,000) than in 2013 when Bitcoin was only $ 1000. “

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