BestMixer seized and closed by Europol

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The website , the mixer or the “brewer” of the most reliable bitcoins transactions was closed by Europol and the Dutch tax authorities for “concealing and laundering criminal money flows” via its services.

Europol closes BestMixer

With the rapid rise of scams and hacks in the cryptocurrency sector, the European authorities have decided to clean up by controlling the activities of crypto-platforms.

Recently, Europol joined the Dutch Tax Information and Investigation Service (FIOD), with support from cybersecurity firm McAfee, to seize and close the site of BestMixer, a “bitcoin mixer” that offered a “brewing” service, that is, a mixture of funds to make transactions and users anonymous.

According to the release of the authority, this site would be accused of “concealing and laundering criminal money flows”.

Six servers seized

The closing of BestMixer was effective following an investigation revealing that in the space of one year, the site would have hosted nearly 27 000 BTC , while the mixings on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC ) were not mentioned.

In this perspective, the authorities are wary of the impact of this type of crypto service dedicated to anonymization.

Also, 6 servers located in the Netherlands and Luxembourg were seized in total by the authorities.

In addition, the charges have not yet resulted in convictions.

For the moment, no arrests have been mentioned, however, the sites are inactive.

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