Believe in fake news

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Imagine the scene. Sunday morning, coffee in hand, Jean-Pierre moved to read his newspaper. He goes through the headlines.

“Mortal accident on the 20th.” “Former MP sentenced to seven months in prison for sexual assault”. “Dr. Barrette is fooling around.” “He kills his mother-in-law with a shovel.” “Canada has no choice: it must accommodate the migrants from Roxham Road.”

This last title tickles his good mood of the morning. “More fake news, ” he thinks. “We try to make us swallow anything to accept illegal immigrants. It’s bulls … “

In the story, the Minister of Immigration explains that Canadians do not understand the obligations of countries under the Geneva Refugee Convention. Jean-Pierre climbs a tick higher up in the curtain: a minister, a member of the elite insinuates that he is ignorant. “Ah, there’s nothing missing. It’s my fault that there are refugees. “

Obviously, he did not understand.

True but unpleasant

Fake news does not mean that the news is false, but that it displeases, that it does not correspond to the worldview of some readers. “I like Trump and I find the media criticism of him unjustified. “It’s the media that lie when they say that Donald Trump is lying all the time. “

Quebec has been relatively spared by this phenomenon, but more and more people admit to finding out about websites whose content corresponds to their world view instead of mass media.

What do these “alternative” news sites tell? Read in The People, a Quebec site: “Syrian refugees: brothel in hotels. Bibles destroyed, furniture damaged, glasses left in the lobby, etc. No pictures, nobody is quoted, the number of vandalized rooms unknown, where, etc. No serious media would publish information so little documented. But those who are hostile to refugees find there the “proof” that they are right. “The mainstream media would never talk about that! “

Evidence does not matter in this universe. The youtubeuse Josée Rivard told the Journal yesterday that she did not “need a scientific research …” She relies on her instincts.

Furious madness

It is much worse in the United States where the president keeps saying that the media is the enemy of the people. However, he finds no fault when Infowars’ Alex Jones insists that the Parkland killings were just staged to bring about gun control and “dead” children, actors. And my favorite: Hillary Clinton ran a circle of pedophiles from the basement of a pizzeria in Washington (which, incidentally, has no basement) and she had killed children.

Jones and Trump himself believe that the mainstream media do not report all terrorist attacks on US soil.

And that’s not fake news ?


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