Attention, the email containing an invitation to play Fortnite on Android is a fake


No, it is not yet possible to try Fortnite on Android smartphones. However, many players believed it after receiving what seemed to be an invitation to test the beta of the game Epic Games. Unfortunately, the e-mail received by several thousand people turned out to be a nice scam. Explanations.

A broken dream

Fortnite cartonne around the world. It is estimated that currently, the title developed by the Epic Games studio has more than 150 million active players. An extraordinary figure that has necessarily seen a nice rise following the release of the game on iPhone . For the month of March alone, the Battle Royale generated more than 220 million dollars in sales. Results that make you dream and should push the title to find a release date on Nintendo Switch , but also on Android smartphones.

For the latter, it was even highly hoped that Google would make an announcement during its recent I / O conference. It must be said that in recent days, rumors of an upcoming release of Fortnite on other devices than those of Apple were supported by an email received by thousands of people including influential Youtubeurs. The layout of the latter suggested that it was an official invitation to test the beta of the game on Android. Unfortunately, Epic Games press relations manager Nick Chester quickly stepped up to claim that it was a fake.

”  That’s not true, the lagging email is an obvious phishing. Please ask us for clarification before sharing any false information. Thank you.  ”

A nice fake

The studio, which is known for its great command in terms of communication, has quickly denied the information so as not to disappoint too much the players who are waiting for a firm footing. The e-mail, excessively well done, promised a code to participate in a beta that would take place 72 hours later. If no one knows who sent this fake and how he could reach so many people, it is clear that he has sown a great mess in the ranks of Epic Games. In short, Fortnite on Android smartphones, it’s not for now.


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