At 92, she kills her son because he wanted to put her in a center for the elderly


A 92-year-old woman from Arizona was arrested and charged with killing her 72-year-old son because he and his wife were considering placing her in a senior’s home.

“You took my life, so I take yours.” Such would have been the words of Anna Mae Blessing, 92, before shooting her son at close range with a revolver that was in his possession since the 1970s.

Blessing lived with his son and his wife in his condo in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The murder occurred after several disputes over the future of the lady and the possibility of placing her in a seniors’ center.

“From what we understand, she had been thinking about it for several days because there had been other incidents about her son’s wish to place it,” said Sgt. Bryant Vanegas of Maricopa County.

According to the investigators, Blessing allegedly hid two revolvers under his dressing gown on Monday morning before confronting his son in his room. She allegedly murdered him with two gunshots and then pointed her gun at the woman. She would have been able to disarm the eldest, who would then have seized her second weapon before being again under control.

The wife would then have dialed 911. When help arrived, Blessing was sitting in her chair and her son had died in the next room.

“It is certainly a case that is not like the others. It’s not something we see every day and it’s unfortunate that it happened, “commented Sergeant Vanegas.

Blessing was charged with first degree murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

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