Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency: where are we?

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Well established in traditional financial markets, artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining more and more ground in the functioning of the economic sector. Today, companies have turned to this technological potential to modernize their operating systems, through cryptocurrency.

AI is indispensable in the modernization of finance

Although it is almost impossible to eliminate human judgment in the business management and decision equation, artificial intelligence can overcome the limitations of computation and automation.

When based exclusively on data, AI makes it possible to make more rational and less costly decisions.

On the other hand, while artificial intelligence can not be effective without turning around a large pool of data for machine learning, it must be admitted that technology is gaining more and more prominence in modernization projects. financial.

Currently, she is very interested in the cryptocurrency sector, a nascent sector with great potential. In this sector, the AI ​​acts in the development of software capable of simulating algorithmic trading.

Potential uses of AI in the crypto sphere

Using High Frequency Trading (HFT), which is based on the analysis of technical indicators across multiple exchanges, the AI ​​can respond to moving transactions faster than the rest of the market.

For example, if an operator wants to place a BTC purchase order on Kraken, the HFT allows an order to be executed on another stock exchange almost instantaneously to take advantage of soaring prices.

The AI ​​can also facilitate automated exchanges via an API connected to the main crypto-exchange services.

After traders have chosen the indicators on which they want to base their decision-making, the IA will tailor transactions to these parameters.

What do you think of the possible replacement of human traders by artificial intelligences in the cryptocurrency market? Comment in the comment section below.

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