Art in public places at the Hearst Festival on the boards


The Hearst Arts Council is presenting its 11th Hearst Festival this week on the stage. This year, the event offers arts activities at different locations in the community.

The festival kicked off on Monday with the first day of the Hearst Summer Camp on stage. The Art Camp for 6 to 11 year olds is about African culture this year.

Children learn dance, singing, music and costume making.

Friday afternoon, the youth will demonstrate what they have learned during the week by presenting a show in front of parents.

The three camp facilitators are international students from the University of Hearst.

Activities for the Hearst Festival public will start on Wednesday night.

This year, the theme of the festival is En plein art, a play on outdoor expression.

We really wanted to bring the activities of the HSP Festival outside the walls of the Hearst Arts Council to really try to integrate the arts into the community and demonstrate that it is important.

Leena Lamontagne-Dupuis, coordinator of the Hearst Festival on the boards

On Wednesday night, the festival will present a musical evening at the Hearst Heritage Sawmill featuring various local singers and musicians.

During the performances, four artists from the field of visual arts will create works to honor the Blais House, which celebrates its centennial and is occupied by the Hearst Ecomuseum.

In addition, people will be able to attend Thursday night the launch of a photo exhibition of eighteen citizens.

The organizing committee provided disposable cameras to these people to create an exhibit showing different perspectives of the community.

The exhibition will be presented at the 815 Gallery of the Hearst Arts Council.

On Friday night, the festival will end with the Promen’Arts event in downtown Hearst.

Artists will perform at George Street, a section of which will be closed for the occasion.

The public will be able to see improvisation, theater, painting and other art forms.

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