Arrested for the murder of a former Hells Angels relative


He is suspected of having been an accomplice to an alleged hitman

A 33-year-old man was charged yesterday with the murder of the trafficker Sébastien Beauchamps, shot and killed in a gas station in northern Montreal before the holidays.

Sébastien Beauchamps

Giovanni Jr Presta is suspected by the authorities of having assisted several times the alleged hitman Frederick Silva, arrested last weekend after an intense police hunt.

Silva was filmed in action by a surveillance camera while firing towards Beauchamps last December, according to our information.

This former member of the Rockers, a Hells Angels club-school, was suspected by his peers to have been an informant for the police in the past, according to court documents from the Mastiff project. He who was nicknamed Bass was one of the targets of this drug investigation, but he was never charged.

Sonia Langlais

Silva has not yet been charged with this murder. He has been charged with two homicides, one attempted murder, and may have executed up to a dozen or so murders ordered by organized crime, the majority in Quebec and some in Ontario, according to information collected by our Investigation Bureau and Le Journal.

He was one of the most wanted criminals in Quebec for a year and a half when the Tactical Intervention Group arrested him in the Griffintown area of ​​Montreal on Friday night.

Giovanni Jr Presta

No antecedent

Presta, on the other hand, has no judicial record. He appeared on Monday and remains detained.

His home in Terrebonne, on the North Shore, was raided by police last Saturday, at the time of Silva’s arrest.

Frederick Silva

He reportedly hid weapons used by Silva for several of his crimes, according to our information.

Presta and his wife, Sonia Langlais, were also charged Monday with possession of prohibited firearms, mufflers, ammunition and possession of pot and methamphetamine for the purpose of selling or making them traffic.


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