Are there more than 2.9 million Desjardins customers affected by data theft?


Details on the USB keys found in the investigation of the theft of personal data at Desjardins raise a disturbing question: could there be more than 2.9 million profiles of customers stolen?

When the police conducted searches of former Desjardins employee Sébastien Boulanger Dorval, his agents found two computer supports. The latter were labeled “1 of 3” and “2 of 3”. But if it does exist, the third key of the series was never found, neither by Desjardins, nor by the investigators.  

Boulanger Dorval, who has nothing to do with a hacker, was able to easily extract the problematic information as part of his duties. After having copied them on at least two USB sticks, the suspect would have resold them to a friend, Jean-Loup Leullier Masse, 27, who is in the private loan. Useful information for him, giving him access to banking information of Desjardins customers, their social insurance and telephone numbers, their address, their credit card number.  

This information would then have resulted in the computers of small financiers living Cap-route and Lac-Beauport. Many of those who have had access to this personal information have a troubled past. To date, there is no criminal charge against them in the Desjardins case.  

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