Americans vote Tuesday, two years after Trump’s election


US President Donald Trump appeared confident ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections which will determine the majority in Congress for the last two years of his term, with the Democrats hoping to take their first political revenge.

“Go vote!” Launched the Republican leader Sunday night at his fourth weekend meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He will make three more Monday in three Midwestern states.

Multiplying travel, as at the end of his 2016 winning campaign, Donald Trump repeated several times that he felt “electricity in the air like never since 2016”. At each stage, he obviously savored his reunion with those who brought him to power, who came by the thousands to listen to him, for speeches sometimes lasting nearly an hour and a half, with the presidential plane behind him. regular plan of rallies organized in airports.

“We do not really hear about the big blue wave,” he said Sunday night, talking about the Democratic tidal wave that some surveys drew a few months ago. “They’ll be fine, who knows …”

His vice president, Mike Pence, had fun imagining that the blue wave crashes “against a red wall”, the republican color.

After many by-elections and local since 2016, Tuesday will be the first verdict by all Americans on the presidency of Donald Trump. The 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be renewed for two years, and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be renewed for six years; House and Senate are currently Republican-majority. 36 of the 50 governors (executive heads of states) will also be elected.

Donald Trump took the lead in the Republican campaign, establishing himself as the guarantor of the good economic health of the United States and as the bulwark against illegal immigration and the “caravans” of migrants from Central America who are currently crossing the border. Mexico to the US border.

“The Democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegals to sweep over our country,” he said. “It’s an invasion. I do not care what the fake media say, it’s an invasion of our country. “

Obama mobilized

The Democrats have campaigned on the defense of the reformed health system under Barack Obama, but also bet on the rejection of Donald Trump, many of whom openly describe as liars and catalysts the racist and anti-Semitic violence that plunged the country. . They rely on the voices of peri-urban voters and moderate Republicans who miss their 2016 vote.

Without a natural leader since the defeat of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama was the most sought after by Democratic candidates engaged in the most difficult campaigns.

“These Republicans lie blatantly, repetitively, boldly, shamelessly. They invent anything, “said the former president Sunday in Indiana.

“There must be consequences when people do not tell the truth,” he continued.

A divided Congress?

Historically, the ruling party has rarely won the mid-term elections, with the recent exception of George W. Bush in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton saw their opponents conquer the House after only two years in office.

The race is very different between the two houses of Congress.

In the House of Representatives, where Democrats have to win 23 seats, national polls give the advantage to Democrats: 50% of voting intentions against 43%, according to a survey released Sunday by the Washington Post . The latest CBS poll predicts a most likely scenario of a narrow Democratic majority.

But impossible to predict the outcome of the vote in the sixty constituencies actually contested.

In the Senate, Republicans predict loudly that they will strengthen their majority. The card is to their advantage: the renewal by third this year concerns the majority of conservative states.

The most troubled outgoing senators are Democrats elected six years ago in North Dakota or Indiana, during the re-election of Barack Obama.

The United States could therefore meet, on January 3, 2019, with a 116th divided Congress. This would be enough to put a drag on the 45th President of the United States, whose legislative program would be blocked for the 22 months preceding the November 2020 presidential election.

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