Americans close a plant in Boisbriand because of Trump

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The closing of MAS Industries will lead to the disappearance of 120 jobs at the end of February

In the midst of the Trump tariff war, the US auto parts giant Dorman is shutting down its Boisbriand MAS Industries plant, bought a year ago, throwing out its 120 workers, Le Journal reported. .

“It’s because of Trump that we lose our jobs. It’s not fair in the automotive field, it’s everywhere, “told the Journal a packer of the company preferring not to be identified, approached near the factory yesterday afternoon.

Last October, at the announcement of its results, Dorman discussed the US $ 200 billion tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on Chinese imports that could boost the cost of some products.

“We are taking several steps to fully mitigate the impact of tariffs,” she said.

It’s hard to know if the closure of the Boisbriand plant is one of those “measures”, because Dorman’s US management did not make our calls yesterday.

Protectionism in question

Yesterday, when Le Journal contacted him, the Mayor of Boisbriand’s office was not aware of the bad news.

“In my opinion, this is an eloquent example of American protectionism,” Mayor Marlene Cordato later complained in a written communication.

It was only a few weeks ago that the chopper fell for the 120 workers at the Basses-Laurentides plant.

“On November 7, three American representatives of Dorman came here to announce the employees,” said the head of human resources of the plant, Sophie Basque.

The V.-P. Dorman’s Human Resources Officer, Stacy Vahey, made the in-person trip to Colmar, Pennsylvania, in Boisbriand, to tell the plant workers that she will close at the end of February.

Dorman is a heavyweight in the auto parts distributor market. The company is valued at $ 3.7 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. Nearly 94% of its customers are in the United States, according to MarketScreener.

“I do not know why they close, no one knows except Dorman. People are trying to guess, “concluded MAS Industries founder and former owner, Mark Stermer, who in 2017 sold the hands-built company here to the Americans for growth.


♦  The Boisbriand plant manufactures chassis or suspension components for the aftermarket parts market in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


  • Headquarters: Boisbriand (until 2017)
  • Foundation: 1977
  • Founder: Mark Stermer
  • Start of operations in the United States: 2006
  • Employees: 120
  • Sales: $ 40 million (2017)


  • Headquarters: Colmar, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Factories: Warsaw (Kentucky), Portland (Tennessee), Louisiana (Missouri), Sanford (North Carolina) and Hong Kong.
  • Foundation: 1918
  • CEO: Mathias J. Barton
  • Employees: 2061
  • Sales: $ 1.3 billion (2017)


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