Ambulance worker accused of assaulting female patients

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The man who also practices the clown trade would have rained during the transport of women

Sylvain Depairon, an emergency ambulance worker and clown at his leisure, has been suspended since he was charged with sexual assault

An Ambulance-Health paramedic who proclaims himself “the king of clowns” is accused of sexually assaulting two vulnerable patients during transport to the hospital.

A detainee at Rivière-des-Prairies since his arrest on Wednesday, Sylvain Depairon looked serious when he appeared via videoconference yesterday at the Montreal courthouse.

“He has no judicial record. An arrest, it always shakes an individual, “said his lawyer, Mike Junior Boudreau, at the exit of the courtroom.

The 57-year-old paramedic faces up to 10 years in penitentiary if he is found guilty of one or another sex crime that he committed five months apart.

According to the warrant of arrest, the first sexual assault occurred in June 2017 in Montreal. Depairon was on duty when he took advantage of the vulnerability of a blind person in his 50s, whom he had to take to the hospital.

Revealing tests

The man would have recidivated last November, this time on a woman in her twenties with psychiatric disorders. According to our information, it was during the transport that she was sexually assaulted.

As soon as she arrived at an institute, the complainant would have explained everything to someone on the spot. Medical staff did not hang around and immediately performed tests on the woman’s body. The results allowed police investigators to obtain an arrest warrant last week.

During the brief appearance, Crown Attorney Sylvie Lemieux opposed the release of Depairon.

“It’s a matter of protecting the public and trusting the public in the justice system,” she said.

It is therefore a judge who will decide on a possible bond, possibly today.


He has since been suspended with Urgences-Santé, as stipulated in the Act respecting labor standards.

“These allegations shake the community, they go against our mission,” said the director of human resources emergency health, Mathieu Campbell, in an interview with the Journal .

Mr. Campbell also pointed out that Urgences-Santé took each complaint very seriously, and that it would collaborate fully with the investigators.

“Health and safety are our constant priorities,” he said.

“King of clowns”

These charges could also put an end to Depairon’s second career as a clown.

On his web page where he describes himself as the “king of clowns”, Depairon says he created this character in the 1980s. He also claims to have already been the “official clown” of Sainte-Justine Hospital at that time. .

Depairon, who prides himself on being a magician, offers his services for children’s parties and weddings, among others.

“We hope he can offer reasonable guarantees to release him during the proceedings,” his lawyer concluded.

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