Amazon Selects Two Sites in New York and Near Washington for Second Seat


After a year of suspense, Amazon has finally announced that it will install two new seats in New York and the suburbs of Washington, with 50,000 jobs in the key, but in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid.

The two localities selected are Long Island City in the New York area of ​​Queens, which is right across from Manhattan on the other side of the East River, and a district of Arlington, Virginia, at the gates of the capital. federal, said the company in a statement.

Key to both sites, $ 5 billion investment from the Internet distribution giant and the creation of 25,000 jobs at each location.

The two seats for North America will be added to the historic headquarters of Jeff Bezos’s empire, based in Seattle, Washington, in the northwestern United States, and allow him to mark his territory both in the financial capital of the world and in the nerve center of power in the United States.

As soon as the information on the two sites leaked last week, Jeff Bezos and his team were criticized for raising false hopes in the many localities and finally choosing two urban centers that did not need them. jobs, rather than focusing on a less obvious but more productive solution for economic development.

“We are very excited about building new headquarters in New York and Northern Virginia,” said Amazon’s founder and the richest man in the world.

“These two sites will allow us to attract talent from around the world that will allow us to continue to invent for customers in the years to come,” he added.

A third site will also be set up in Nashville (the country music capital) in Tennessee, which will oversee Amazon’s operations (orders, transportation, logistics, etc.) and create 5,000 jobs in the region.

Alexa, how many grants? 

Amazon has traded hard to settle and is expected to benefit from up to $ 1.525 billion in tax and other benefits in New York and at least $ 575 million in various aid packages in Virginia.

For its center of excellence in Tennessee, Amazon will receive up to $ 102 million.

If the officials and elected officials who negotiated with Amazon are very happy with the result, not everyone shares their enthusiasm.

In Long Island City in particular, some elected officials and elders of the neighborhood (already in full gentrification) fear that it becomes totally unlivable because of too high rents or crowded transport.

National Landing (also known as Crystal City), the Arlington neighborhood on the bank of the Potomac opposite the US capital, is already a huge complex of glass towers that mix offices and apartments.

Amazon, cramped in its Seattle office, announced in September 2017 to look for a location for a second seat with the creation of some 50,000 jobs to the key.

This had provoked a real “gold rush” of dozens of US municipalities that had come out in the ranks, touting their strengths and offering tax breaks.

Nearly 240 municipalities and urban areas had submitted a dossier.

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