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At the AWS re: Ivent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon made a splash on the prospect of new perspectives on its cloud service . Andy Jassy, ​​the company’s cloud leader, announced the induction of a few new technologies, including a Blockchain that can handle data transactions with greater speed and convenience.

Amazon returns to the Blockchain

Apparently, Andy Jassy’s statement on the introduction of the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database has caught the attention of many investors and especially those who closely follow cloud technology. During his speech, he took the time to explain the operation of this service.

As explained, QLDB is part of AWS services that will be used by Amazon to provide a transparent and much faster universe to transaction systems . Although other companies have already taken over the new technology, Amazon has surprised the economic players by its turnaround, so want to use the Blockchain after disavowing it last year. Maybe it’s for competition reasons?

Amazon launches into new technology to keep pace with marketing

Amazon’s goal is to provide a local service to customers. In an effort to accelerate transaction movement, Amazon’s cloud service has converted to new technology to better serve businesses and customers who want to transfer data on their cloud. Jassy states:

“We are very comfortable with high-volume, relatively low-margin businesses.”

On the other hand , these AWS cloud services are also focused on a marketing strategy, which is to provide new opportunities for businesses that want to break free from the public cloud used in the past. In addition, these companies will be drained via these new services, in order to compete with Microsoft.

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