Airbus must recognize “Quebec’s footprint,” says Premier Philippe Couillard

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Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard did not like Airbus to rename the Bombardier C Series with great fanfare in English only at their head office in Toulouse last Tuesday.

“I invite them to make a special effort on this,” said the Prime Minister on the sidelines of a barbecue of young liberals in downtown Montreal on Wednesday. “I’m not very happy about that,” he added.

On Tuesday, Airbus renamed the A220 Bombardier C Series. The announcement was made in English. Two press releases have also been published in the Shakespeare language only.

Afterwards, the Airbus press relations officer told the Journal that she “would not start translating any (their) website into French”.

“Quebec Footprint”

Wednesday noon, Philippe Couillard was irritated by the behavior of Airbus.

He even said “his team” has already contacted the aircraft manufacturer to express his dissatisfaction. “Already the remarks were made to the company,” he assured.

According to Philippe Couillard, Airbus has the duty to recognize where their flagship plane comes from.

“Since this extraordinary aircraft was invented here, there is still the Quebec footprint on this plane. I would like the communication to be done in French, “he said.

The Premier of Quebec, however, did not go so far as to describe this gesture as an “error”. “We’ll be vigilant,” he said.

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