After adopting Blockchain, ING could launch its stablecoin

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The ING financial institution has been investing in the Blockchain since 2014 and today reveals its new projects in terms of cryptocurrencies. According to Mariana Gomez de la Villa, the director of the ING program for DLT (distributed ledger technology), the platform would seek to launch a stablecoin shortly.

ING in the bath of Blockchain

Among the major banking groups and institutions in the world, ING , based in Amsterdam, is one of the most open platforms at Blockchain.

In 2014, the company began developing its first projects around this technology before launching eight pilot programs in 2017.

At ING, Blockchain plays a key role in exploring the potential of digital technology.

In an interview with Forbes, Mariana Gomez of La Villa confided that ING had a special section dedicated to Blockchain.

“At ING, Blockchain is no longer seen as an innovation or as a laboratory step but rather as a formal department within the organization. We believe strongly in the potential of technology, but also in the efficiency benefits it can bring to different value chains or ecosystems, “she says.

An expected stablecoin

ING’s blockchain projects would focus on building fast networks with bullets-proofs, a technology close to the ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof), but also on a stablecoin called UCSc.

This currency-indexed token would improve the fund transfer aspects,  according to ING. In particular, this is a new project that aims to exploit the speed of the Blockchain in cross-border transfers led by a recent company named Fnality International, of which ING is an investor.

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