According to Brave, Google is fleeing the personal data of its users


Browser Blockchain Brave conducted a survey of his competitor Google who would use a hidden device to collect data from his target customers for advertising purposes.

Google uses a tracer without the knowledge of users

The US search engine Google would deploy a secret web tracking system (tracking) of its users to send them targeted advertising. The suspicions that Brave raises put Google in an embarrassing situation and encroach on a sensitive point, the protection of personal data.

The European RGPD or the General Data Protection Regulation protests against the use of hidden web pages to provide users’ personal data to advertisers. It requires the consent of the user and the transparency of Internet search engines.

Johnny Ryan, Brave’s chief policy officer, allegedly discovered the so-called hidden internet pages during a follow-up on Google’s activity.

Google increases the effectiveness of targeted ads

Google has used “tagging with an identification tracer that it has provided to third-party companies that have connected to a hidden web page,” according to Ryan’s testimony.

The web page in question had no content other than “a unique address” related to Ryan’s browsing activity. The Brave employee detected sending his ID to eight adtech companies. Six separate pages took care of the transfer of personal information after one hour of navigation.

An adtech analyst replicated Ryan’s findings following the discovery of Google’s illegal actions. For a month, Brave would have hired hundreds of people to verify his claims.

Brave eventually confirmed that the search engine giant’s “secret web page credentials” were indeed unique to each user. Many advertising companies then had access to the personal data of Internet users in order to increase the effectiveness of the targeted advertisements.

A Google spokesperson replied:

“We do not serve personalized ads and do not send tenders to bidders without the consent of the user.”

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