A wealthy man wants to buy 25% of BTC ?

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A billionaire wants to own 25% of all bitcoins in circulation according to a recent report.   Having experienced unrestrained growth this year, cryptocurrency number 1 has risen by more than 130% since January. More and more institutional investors are recognizing the potential of the virtual money sector, which explains the upward trend in Bitcoin (BTC).

A successful market

Several institutional platforms have emerged thanks to Coinbase , Fidelity , Bitstamp and the Winklevoss Twins Working Fund.

These include well-established and regulated companies, offering investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies.

Also, financial services companies and over-the-counter (OTC) markets simplify the exchange of fiat money in digital currency.

In addition, crypto-whales – Whales – or large investors make it their hunting ground.

Billionaire wants to buy 25% of BTC outstanding

Dadiani Syndicate, a brokerage firm, would look into the Bitcoin market (BTC) so that a wealthy investor could buy 25% of BTC’s current offering in circulation.

That’s about 4.4 million out of a total of more than 17 million bitcoins in thernally available.

Eleesa Dadiani, the owner of Dadiani Syndicate, operates a fine arts company, Dadiani Fine Art. She receives a lot of requests in connection with crypto-currencies from wealthy men.

“One of our customers approached us and told us he was interested in acquiring 25% of all currently available bitcoins,” said Dadiani.

The brokerage company was created with the aim of orienting potential investors for the collection of cryptocurrency holdings, so that they can liquidate the latter in real wealth .

However, the primary objective of buyers would be the collection of BTC to control a larger share of the market.

The founder of Dadiani Syndicate added:

“When I founded the institution, it was a way for people to cash in their cryptocurrency assets, but we found that some wanted us to help them buy huge amounts of bitcoins.”

What do you think of the billionaire – or the company – wanting to buy 25% of the BTC in circulation? Tell us in the comments section below.

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