A judge compares him to a “merchant of death”


Lawyer accused of fentanyl trafficking will be held until trial

According to the authorities, lawyer Samir Ouati trafficked fentanyl to his home on Wellington Street in Montreal. A judge recently ordered his continued detention until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

A Montreal lawyer charged with fentanyl trafficking was compared to a “death merchant” by the judge who categorically refused to release him pending trial.

Samir Ouati

“Fentanyl traffickers are small-scale, low-cost, death merchants. The [society’s] trust would definitely be undermined if the detention was not ordered, “Justice Robert Marchi said, sending Samir Ouati back to detention, where he has been since last month.

Ouati, a 39-year-old lawyer specializing in immigration law, is accused of trafficking in fentanyl, a synthetic drug 100 times more potent than morphine, which appeared in Montreal a few years ago. .

Last year, six people died of drug overdose, as traffickers cut other drugs with this cheap opiate to boost their profits.

“There are overwhelming reports on the situation in Canada. We are at the height of the fentanyl crisis. It’s getting worse every year, “said Crown Attorney François Allard when he pleaded for the detention of Ouati earlier this month.

Talented lawyer

According to the information presented to the court, the police investigation began at the end of 2017, with information that Ouati was a fentanyl trafficker and that two overdoses occurred at his home in the Verdun borough.

In the months that followed, the police could have bought fentanyl from Ouati three times.

During the transaction of July 4, Ouati reportedly told these double agents that his supplier would soon arrive, giving the name of it, the neighborhood where he lives, and even the color and the mark of the car that he drives.

“Mr. Ouati be added immigration lawyer, said to be the consumer of fentanyl and suggests buyers to be careful not to overdose,” explained M e Allard.


The day after the transaction, however, Ouati reminded the agents double to buy the drug, since he had more for himself.

He later explained that he spent $ 1,000 a week in fentanyl, which he has been taking for three years, after being offered by “a guy on the street”.

Ouati said he was ready to start a therapy, even though he never learned about it before his arrest.

“Mr. Ouati consumes fentanyl, I pity him and I sympathize with him, but no one forced him to take,” concluded the judge.

♦  Samir Ouati will return to court at the end of the month for further proceedings.


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