A fake Trezor wallet discovered on Google Play

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Trezor , one of the most used wallets by the crypto community, has been falsified via a shared fake app in Google Play services . Apparently, ESET antivirus researchers discovered the malicious application during a scam-based investigation.

A fake app imitating Trezor

Since the revival of Bitcoin, registered since April, crypto-investors seem more and more active in the purchase and exchange of BTCs from digital wallets .

This recovery has not left the scammers insensitive, using their imagination to divert funds from unsuspecting users.

Recently, it was through a misapplication of the Trezor Wallet that they tried to extract funds.

According to statements by ESET researchers , who discovered the “fake” application in Google Play services, the software did not contain any Trezor brand , which made it possible to detect the phishing attempt.

Never trust unsigned applications

No fault could be attributed to Google Play, in the sense that the application page was legitimate.

However, this ease of access to fraudulent applications is a major threat to user security.

Moreover, the researchers’ report indicates more than a thousand downloads since the provision of malicious software in the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, they encourage people to trust only applications signed and only from the websites of programmers to circumvent this risk.

“If Bitcoin continues its growth trend, we can expect to see more fraudulent cryptocurrency applications on the Official Android App Store and elsewhere,” they conclude.

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