A drug supermarket in Brossard


Police seized $ 150,000 in narcotics, including 600 bags of jelly beans and 2 kg of methamphetamine

Police officers from Longueuil made a discovery on Thursday night, stumbling across hundreds of sacks of cannabis candy while answering a routine call at a residence in Brossard.

“We received an emergency call to 911 that mentioned the need for police intervention. Once there, the officers discovered the narcotics, “said Melanie Mercille, spokesperson for the Longueuil Urban Police Service (SPAL).

Once on the scene, at a residence on Omega Street in Brossard, the patrol officers saw boxes and bags that were not sealed.


Several sealed bags of cannabis have also been discovered.

Inside were impressive amounts of narcotics.

Some 600 bags of cannabis candies were hidden there, to the surprise of the police.

We do not know where they came from or who they were destined for.

Other pot packs.

After being telewarranted, the police seized the candy and approximately 40 kg of cannabis, 2 kg of methamphetamine and 53 g of cocaine.

The approximate value of the search is $ 150,000, says SPAL.


Kayla Léger

At the same time, the police arrested a woman. Kayla Léger, 31, appeared Friday afternoon at the Longueuil courthouse. She faces a charge of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. She had not collaborated with the authorities during her interrogation.

According to SPAL, the suspect has a history of narcotics. It would not be linked to a specialized organized crime group.

Agent Mercille also warns never to leave cannabis candies on hand. “A child could take it and get intoxicated,” she notes.

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