A convenience store owner and a teenager fight


The young person suspected of having already shoplifted

A quarrel between the owner of a convenience store and a youth suspected of having already shoplifted in the store escalated into a violent physical altercation.

On the videotapes of the surveillance cameras of the convenience store Marché du quartier, in La Pocatière, which Le Journal was able to watch, we see the young person physically attacking the owner on July 12th by pushing him, after the latter asked him to go away.

“The young man was barred to the convenience store, because we had seen him fly a few times on our surveillance cameras,” said the owner of the convenience store, Serge Dumas.

According to him, the minor in question usually collaborated when he asked him to leave. That’s why he never filed a complaint with the police.

After being pushed, Serge Dumas tried to push the young man to the exit with his arms and dropped him to the ground. The miner got up and tried to punch him.

The convenience store cashier quickly contacted 911 when the skirmish began.

“It degenerated. Blows were carried on both sides, “said the owner.

The altercation ended when Mr. Dumas managed to keep the youth on the ground.


We then saw the young man, now in the parking lot, trying to get back inside, even if at least one adult tried to dissuade him.

About 20 minutes later, an ambulance stopped in the street in front of the parking lot.

The Journal could not know if the youth had been injured as a result of the incident and could not get in touch with him.


“The police never came to the convenience store. I saw them stop in front after 30 minutes and they called me three hours later to tell me that I was under arrest for assault and was asked to report to [ police], “says Serge Dumas.

A witness of the scene, François Gendron, arrived during the battle. He stayed for a long time without seeing any police officers.

“Why did it take citizens to put an end to this? He wonders.

Mr. Dumas could face charges of assault, but plans to defend himself with his video tapes, if necessary. The owner also filed a complaint against the young miner. He questions the speed of police intervention.

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