A company aims to print living human organs


The purse team spends the week at C2 Montreal. While waiting for Snoop Dogg, which will close the 3 days of conferences, experts and leaders from all over the world have tackled a multitude of themes and issues under the banner of innovation and creativity.

Among them, biotechnology entrepreneur Erik Gatenholm has particularly marked our collaborator Saud. Here is his account of this presentation which gives hope, but which also raises important questions.

Erik Gatenholm  impressed me as much as he scared me.

At the end of his lecture, one of the best of C2 Montreal I think, hundreds of questions have spurted in my brain.

His company, CELLINK, has developed a biological ink that can mingle with human cells and print living human organs with a specialized 3D printer. It’s bio-printing. 

It’s just crazy and the implications are exceptional. Gatenholm thinks we are at the base of a “biological revolution”.

If its model is democratized and achieves its goals, great changes could take place on the medical scene.

The problem of organ donors would be significantly reduced or even exceeded. Customized organs would be made for those who need them.

The same applies to animal tests that could be avoided because they would be done on manufactured organs.

And for cancer research, it could be equally important. By printing particular tumors, one could test specific treatments on them.

In short, it’s crazy!

It’s also very scary.

Think only about possible developments of this technology (#Westworld) and potential misuse that could be made.

But let’s hope that the right regulations keep this innovation in good hands.

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