A bitcoin scam lost $ 1.5 million to a Jersey investor

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Although experienced in crypto-investment, an inhabitant of the autonomous British island, Jersey, reportedly lost 1.5 million dollars in life savings in a Bitcoin scam.

The economy of a lifetime lost in a false investment Bitcoin

By contacting the victim after asking questions about Bitcoin and other online cryptocurrencies, the scammers would have convinced him of the legitimacy of their investment offers in Bitcoin.

Over the course of 18 months, the criminals worked progressively on the victim to persuade him to invest a larger amount each time.

Their powers of persuasion grew with a promise of a return 15 times greater than the value of their investment.

Seduced, the victim would have returned his savings worth 1.2 million pounds, or 1.5 million dollars, investment.

Unfortunately for the latter, investigators from the UK’s National Crime Agency have revealed that it is unlikely that they will recover the lost funds, as they were surely transferred to bank accounts in different parts of the world.

According to the English police, this was the biggest fraud perpetrated against a single victim on the island.

Other ills plague the crypto sphere in Jersey

In addition to the Bitcoin scam, the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum has also warned residents of Jersey Island of sextortion fraud.

This is a maneuver by which crooks send emails to their target, claiming to have control over their webcam and threatening to publish compromising images of them unless they are paid in Bitcoin.

In this regard, the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum plans to sensitize the local population to better neutralize these scams.

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