A BABY crushed in Saint-Samuel


A truck accidentally backed on the girl

The vehicle was towed by the police late Saturday night to be analyzed by investigators.

The mother of a one-and-a-half year old girl who was fatally crushed Saturday in Center-du-Québec assures that this is a terrible accident and that she does not want anyone.

“Do not worry, there is nothing criminal anywhere. It’s an accident, then we do not want anyone. It’s like that. We will mourn our little puppy, “delivered the toddler’s mother a few hours after the tragic event.

This drama occurred Saturday afternoon, at the stroke of 1:30 pm, on the 3rd Rang Ouest in Saint-Samuel, near Victoriaville.

At that moment, a man driving a Ford pickup truck went back into the courtyard of the residence, crushing the one and a half year old girl by the way. It was a guest of the young couple, revealed the mother who will be denied because of the circumstances of the event.

“It’s something we saw with our own eyes. We tried to save our daughter, but we could not, “continued the young mother still in shock, devastated to the idea that her two other girls have to live this story shocking. 

“We can not wait to go get them and spend time with them. We will live the mourning as we can. There, we do not want to talk about it anymore. “

Open inquiry

A coroner’s inquest was opened to understand the causes and circumstances of the death. 

“For a reason that remains to be determined, the driver of the van was retreating into a private entrance and that is when the collision occurred with the child a year and a few months,” said Louis-Philippe Bibeau of the Sûreté du Québec.

According to information shared by the police force, the death of the small victim was noted on the spot.

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