6 reasons that explain today the disappearance of school boards

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The government of François Legault tabled Tuesday a bill to abolish school elections .

The Minister of Education may now, by regulation, impose a code of ethics on the directors of the boards of directors of the new school service centers.

“The golf games, the training meetings in the South for the commissioners, it’s over,” Minister Jean-François Roberge said at a press conference.

Over the years, The Journal has revealed many examples of questionable use of public funds by school trustees. Here are a few.

CS Kativik, which serves schools in the Far North, spent nearly $ 180,000 in 2013 to fly its school commissioners to two chic hotels in the Laurentians, where they were able to develop their team spirit.

In August 2009, CS English-Montreal thought it worth spending $ 55,000 to bring 144 executives to spend a weekend at Château Bromont in Estrie.

In early 2010, seven school principals went on to “perfect” their “leadership” in the Dominican Republic, which is not recognized for the quality of its education system. Cost to taxpayers: $ 21,000, paid entirely by school boards.

The Montreal School Board has managed to burn $ 50,000 in a few hours, at the start of the 2009 school year, to organize a real pow-wow for 600 managers. Small bites, wine, a shuttle service and a circus show were then offered to the guests gathered at Marché Bonsecours.

School boards are trying to redo their image and control their communications so that the “message” is better. When it is not a $ 2,000 training to train school officials to the basics of Twitter, it is a $ 250,000 communication plan that the Quebec School Boards Federation is putting forward in 2014 and in 2011.

A commissioner from the Montreal School Board, Paul Trottier, continued to occupy his seat “from a distance” and to be paid by taxpayers from August 2008, when he was rarely present in the flesh to assemblies of the CSDM. He attended “virtually” – and sometimes very briefly – meetings from Asia or Africa, where it was dark at night.

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