5 Tips to Streamline Tech Product Consumption

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Faced with a saturated market of offers at very competitive prices, it is not always easy to make rational purchases, especially for technological products. Some tips to control its consumption and find the best value for money. By Romain Gavache, Country Manager, LeDénicheur

In recent years, the pace of release of new products on the market has accelerated considerably. In question, the competition between manufacturers to dominate the market and maintain the desire of their customers. This strategy benefits from rapid and frequent technological progress, which allows manufacturers to continually release new products . The marketTelephony is a good example: the progress is increasing – screens, cameras, visual and digital recognition – and allow manufacturers to justify new releases on the market. Between the rhythm of product exits and the variety of choices, the risk for the consumer is to get lost and consume too much, being carried by the market. It is therefore important to learn how to optimize your spending.

Considered anaging all offers not limited to large manufacturers

The market fran ç ais is a highly fragmented and competitive market, o ù  we find actors fran ç ais and foreign trè s well implantare dominant in the field of technology. In parallel with these big players, there is a multitude of small manufacturers, less known, but referenced through the web. If the biggest manufacturers have a reputation that naturally attracts consumers, it is important to really compare all existing offers. By considering only the dominant manufacturers, the consumer risks making an emotional purchase, linked to the prestige of the brand image, and paying more for his product. The best way to get a good deal is to broaden your research spectrum to all players, not just a few, to objectively compare offers.

Compare product prices between distributors

By their number, the challenge for distributors is to stand out from the competition, with the price of products as the main lever. However, deciding the cheapest offer should not be the sole objective of the consumer, who must take into account other elements, such as the accessories supplied or the quality of the after-sales service of the distributor from whom he buys the product. . It is also necessary to learn about the life of the product. A ” first price ” version is  likely to have a shorter life expectancy and thus oblige the consumer to buy one quickly, for a total expenditure higher than the price of a better quality product. If we compare the offers only according to their price,  égique. Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to make an exhaustive study of market offers.

Consume according to your needs and not product outputs

It is important not to rush on the latest technology release, because it is not always successful, and prices are often inflated by the manufacturer who wants to make the development costs. The release of a new product on the other hand an impact on the price range of the manufacturer, by lowering the price of versions PREVIOUS dentes : a good opportunity for the consumer to make a deal by buying a powerful product, without being of the last word. That’s why it’s important to identify your need. Since product releases are often made with the improvement of a few specific features of the product, it is possible that a previous version may correspond as well to the actual use as the consumer, while allowing him to to make an economy.

 Know how to take advantage of promotions

The periods of promotions are more and more numerous and last longer and longer  : sales , Black Friday … so many opportunities to make a good deal. Outside these periods, it is also possible, following the trends of the prices of the products. If we see that the price of a product is falling at several distributors, especially when a new version is released, it may be relevant to wait for the price to fall further. It is also possible to have a customer account at a distributor, to benefit from private sales, or to schedule a price alert for a specific product.

View consumer reviews

For advanced technology products, such as smartphones or computers, it is not always clear which one fits our needs from the technical characteristics, without being a minimum connoisseur. The best is then to get help, relying on customer reviews written on the distributor’s website, or those forums discussion or test products. Finally, seek advice from a professional, the sites offer more and more cats discussion, o ù  the customer can ask his questions. Or better yet: go directly to the store.

To optimize its consumption, do not be lured by the output frequency of the products on the market, but rather have a consumption adapted to its needs, even if to buy less recent products, take advantage of promotions and consult customer reviews . And most importantly, remember that an online purchase is not irreversible: any consumer has a right of withdrawal of 15 days.

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