42 new licenses for cannabis stores awarded in Ontario

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The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) reports 42 new cannabis store approvals, including an initial authorization for the Windsor-Essex region and several northern municipalities.

The AGCO concluded its draw on August 20, and revealed the next cannabis outlets on August 21 in the morning. A total of 4864 eligible statements of interest were included in the draw.

Eligible declarations of interest were selected at random.

The Eastern Region will see seven new cannabis stores open; the Greater Toronto Area will have six new retailers; and the North Region, which until then had only two cannabis stores in Sudbury, has obtained five more licenses throughout the country.

For this second round, the number of eligible municipalities had been enlarged and no longer considered a constraint on the size of their population.

45 applications are also on the waiting list.

Toronto-GTA option spread decreases

Toronto est le grand gagnant de ce tirage, avec 13 nouvelles autorisations de licences, dont une se trouvant à York. Lors du premier tirage l’été dernier, seulement cinq licences avaient été attribuées dans la Ville Reine.

La banlieue de Toronto, pour sa part, a gagné six nouveaux détaillants, en plus des 20 autorisations déjà délivrées en juillet 2019 lors de la première loterie.

Des six nouvelles licences dans la banlieue Toronto, deux se trouvent à Burlington, et deux autres à Oshawa. Par ailleurs, les candidatures sur liste d’attente pour cette région sont aussi à Burlington Oshawa.

Windsor-Essex aura son détaillant de cannabis

Onze nouveaux détaillants sont dans la région de l’Ouest, qui s’étend de Windsor jusqu’à Niagara Falls.

Windsor is now licensed, while a Sarnia contractor is on the waiting list.

In the first round, Windsor, Sarnia and Chatham-Kent were eligible to receive a license because of the size of their population, but they had not received one.

So far, the closest store for residents of these municipalities was in London.

In this region, only three municipalities have decided to stay out of the cannabis market: LaSalle, Tecumseh and Lakeshore.

More choice in North and East

The northern region did not have many options here, with only two cannabis stores in the city of Sudbury.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario announced today that five additional licenses have been awarded to Kenora, Thunder Bay, Timmins, North Bay, and Sault Ste. Marie. Each city in this region has its own waiting list of five authorizations.

In the Eastern Region, three of the seven new cannabis store licenses were awarded in the city of Innisfil.

The 42 applicants approved today will be able to open from October if they are deemed eligible for a site license or store authorization. If they are disqualified, they will be replaced by one of the applicants on the waiting list.

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