$ 33 Millions at 23 years old


The young man from Bas-Saint-Laurent wants to learn English and travel

Jérémie Gagnon won $ 33 million on Wednesday. He intends to let the dust fall before engaging in various projects. But already, one thing is certain: he will not return to work, he said. “I will find activities to do,” he said, smiling. He is surrounded by Richard Trudel, Loto-Québec, and the host Julie Houle at the check presentation.

A 23-year-old man said “bye bye boss” this week after winning the $ 33 million jackpot at Lotto 6/49.

What would you do with 33 million? This is the question that the new multimillionaire Jérémie Gagnon will have to really think over the next few days.

Originally from Bas-Saint-Laurent, the young man hit the jackpot on Wednesday, after buying a Lotto 6/49 ticket at the Carrefour convenience store in Mont-Joli, as he used to do every week.

Joined by Le Journal on Friday, the owner of the establishment was very happy to have pocketed 1% of the gain, or $ 336,004. “He goes to the convenience store every day before going to work at night, he is a simple and reserved young man,” said owner Francis Proulx, who intends to use his lot to carry out renovations.

“It’s unreal! “

It was in the middle of the night, after a shift as a janitor at a Rimouski elementary school, that Jérémie Gagnon heard the news. “I was playing video games and around 2 am I decided to go on the internet. I remembered the first numbers, and when I saw that it was the same first, I told myself that it would at least repay the ticket! He says.

But it’s more than the ticket that his winning combination has brought him. ” It’s something. It’s unreal! Exclaimed the new multimillionaire, still shaken by the events.

“He called me in the night, we waited until 5 am to be able to validate the ticket at the convenience store. It was long, very long, “said his father, Robert Michaud, who accompanied him when the check was presented at the offices of Loto-Québec. “I’m pretty happy for him. He is a good little guy, he deserves it 100%, “added Mr. Michaud, moved.

After validating his ticket in two convenience stores rather than one, the new multimillionaire dropped a phone call to his boss. “I told him I was not coming back,” he said.

A car and trips

Without waiting, Jérémie Gagnon has already realized one of his dreams, that of driving a Nissan GTR sports car. “I went shopping [Thursday] and I’m probably going to get her today,” he said with a smile.

In the coming months, he would like to travel to Asia and Europe. He plans to start his journey in Paris, to visit his best friend. “I have never traveled, I never really got out of my corner,” he added timidly.

The young man also plans to return to school, especially to learn English and barter the room he rents for a house.

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