25 Bitcoin transactions (BTC) recorded in one block for 6 billion usd

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25 Bitcoin transfers worth $ 6 billion would have been recorded in one block. The news was reported by Bitcoin Block Bot, a twitter account that looks at the significant flows of Satoshi’s currency.

$ 6 billion in a block

The 25 bitcoin transfers were included in block 583 139 on June 30, for a value of nearly $ 6 billion.

In relaying the news, AmbCrypto mentioned that “all transactions were a linear progression, growing each time volume”.

The scheme is explained by a first wallet that would have sent 24 392.93062596 BTC to a second wallet and 300 BTC to another.

In addition, this latter address received 5800 BTC and served as a receiving wallet for the 25 transactions.

Subsequently, the second wallet transferred the 300 BTCs to the third address and 24 092,93013651 to a fourth and so on to complete 23 transactions.

Bitcoin is in full swing before Libra arrives

At the time of the transaction, Bitcoin had peaked before dropping back to around $ 10,000.

Moreover, Bitcoin seems to create an important FOMO , and this, taking advantage of the notoriety of  Libra , the native cryptocurrency of Facebook which is announced as a “Killer Coin”.

Indeed, the Libra could tarnish the reputation of cryptocurrency number 1 with its network of more than 2 billion users, despite its hypothetical centralized character.

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