15 things that only singles on Valentine’s Day will understand

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for some singles, it’s the time of year when they lock themselves in their room and avoid at all costs the feast of love.

Ok, that’s slightly exaggerated. Still, for many singles, this is not a pleasant day in the calendar of the year. And yet, if you think about it, you realize that being alone on February 14 is REALLY not so bad.


1. The money in your wallet only serves to spoil you

Valentine’s Day can be really expensive, just to say we love each other. This year, keep your money for bigger projects or just to spoil yourself. You deserve it!


2. You do not have to worry about finding an original and not too expensive activity

Couples are always looking for THE perfect outing for this evening. A puzzle that you do not have to worry about.


3. You avoid watching your social networks that night because couples are fucking you ROYALLY

Every year February 14 becomes the festival of couples, gifts and dates on Instagram and Facebook. Why not close your social networks for 24 hours? This little digital detox will do you the greatest good.


4. You console yourself by saying that you do not encourage this commercial party

Why is there a day to say that we love each other? It’s just a celebration to spend on the pretext of love.


5. Take advantage of this opportunity to get together with single friends and celebrate your freedom

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Being single does not really mean being alone. You have girlfriends, so why not have a single girls party to make you feel less alone, and celebrate love differently.


6. … or on the contrary, everyone is busy and you have to be alone

Tell yourself it’s an evening like the others! If your friends are busy, take care of yourself. A good bath, a mask and a movie and voila!


7. Your loved ones are funny asking you who is your valentine this year

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“Nobody. It’s going to be next year, sorry! “


8. You do not have to crowd with other couples in a semi-chic restaurant too crowded

Having serious conversations and cutes a little too close to two strangers who are scooping, it’s not famous. To be alone> to hear the uneasy conversations of strangers.


9. You can stay at home softly listening to movies

No need to settle: comfort is in your pajamas!


10. Even if you hate this holiday, you still imagine that next year, you will have the chance to celebrate the love accompanied …

It would be a lie to say that you have not thought for a moment, let’s be honest.


11. You can buy chocolates and candies at a discount

The discounts on chocolate, the only real positive point of Valentine’s Day, we agree.


12. You are delighted not to contribute to Valentine’s traveling clichés

Roses, cards, chocolates, stuffed teddy bears … a little quetaine, indeed. This year it will be glass of  wine  and nothing else!


13. You take advantage of this moment to tell and show your loved ones that you love them

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Take a moment to tell people that you love that you care about them, but also many times in the year, tse . Why not spoil them too, by the very fact?


14. You can enjoy this feast of love to  date

If you are  game  to lend to the game (and above all, not bitter), this is the perfect opportunity to let yourself go in the game of seduction. Who knows, could you meet your soul mate that night? Maybe not, but at least it’s entertaining and it changes your ideas!


15. You get the excuse of Valentine’s Day to get out your red lipstick, your most cute kit and drink champagne

It’s not because you do not have a date that night that you can not put yourself pretty for yourself. YAS! 

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