13 Decentralized Apps (dApps) Added on Samsung’s DApp Store

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The growing interest of the South Korean population in blockchain technology and crypto-currencies has made Samsung’s efforts to evolve in this booming sector. At the latest news , the company has perfected its dApp Store by adding 13 new dApps.

Meet the needs of Samsung’s customers

Launched in March of this year, the company’s dApp store, called Blockchain Keystore, will now support 17 apps, though it only supported four when it was launched.

With this advanced, the South Korean company would like to offer more applications to its users, including social media such as Anpan or for entertainment like The Hunters.

Although the complete list of these thirteen newly-integrated applications has not yet been released, it is certain that these dApps would meet the expectations of smartphone users.

Samsung is very confident with the Blockchain

It’s clear that Samsung is showing a continued commitment to the Blockchain, although the industry has had some tough times lately.

And for proof, the new jewel of the Korean manufacturer,  the Samsung Galaxy S10, is equipped with an integrated digital wallet capable of keeping private keys.

Very proud of his product, Samsung had commented on it:

“Although the other companies have not done it yet, we’ve already done a Blockchain wallet and we’ve released it.”

With this in mind, the company is determined to maintain its leading position in the sector, deploying its ingenuity to offer innovative solutions in order to gain a head start vis-à-vis its potential competitors.

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