10 tips for using your BBQ

General Information

If the heat wave does not slow down culinary desires by using the barbecue, the Laval Fire Department wants to send a message of prevention to the population after some unfortunate incidents.

Firefighters first question the concern of a too low flame experienced by several amateur cooks somewhat in a hurry each summer.

First of all, it is important to remember that the use of this device carries the risk of injury, explosion and fire. Firefighters wish to remind citizens that apart from the opening valve of the propane cylinder, no adjustment is possible or should be attempted on the latter.

Handling a part of the BBQ regulator to limit the impact of a propane leak caused by a rupture of the propane gas supply pipe can cause serious consequences. It is therefore essential to respect the instructions for use and never attempt to modify any component of the device.


A recognized manufacturer recommends following the procedure explained below if a BBQ does not heat up enough and the propane cylinder is not empty or the cylinder valve is fully open.

Close the faucet on the propane cylinder; close the controls of all burners; disconnect the BBQ hose from the bottle; wait 5 minutes; reconnect the BBQ hose to the bottle; open the faucet of the propane cylinder slowly and completely; wait 30 seconds; if there is no perceived leakage of propane (unpleasant smell of rotten egg), turn on the main burner and allow to warm up for about 1 minute; close the burner; wait 30 seconds; then close the bottle.

Note that to light a BBQ, you must first open the tap of the propane bottle and then the BBQ burner.

Another key recommendation is to maintain a clearance of at least two feet between the BBQ and combustible materials or any opening to the house. (BL)

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