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A lot of people spend a lot of time in their cars. It’s to the point now where Google, Apple, car manufacturers and others are trying to get technology there as well. The ecosystem isn’t all that amazing yet. Still, motorists, mechanics, and car fans have some fun stuff they can play with. Here are the best car apps for Android!

Android Auto is among the best car apps. It’s Google’s car-centric app. It doesn’t do much on its own. However, it lets you quickly access things like Google Maps, Spotify, your messaging apps, and more. It’s helps drivers access apps more quickly and efficiently. It is still a work in progress. The app also has a few bugs. It’ll definitely improve over time. Even so, it’s a good one to have to make driving a little easier.

GasBuddy is a money saving app for motorists. It crowd sources gas prices in your area. You can then choose the gas station with the cheapest gas. It works best on road trips. However, it’s just as good if you’re cruising around your home town. You can also contribute by changing prices as you see them. Those who help contribute can win $100 in free gas. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s nice. It’s one of the essential car apps, even for those who aren’t necessarily car people.


SpotAngels is a bit of a wild card. It’s one of the newer car apps. However, it has a ton of potential. Its primary function is to help you avoid parking tickets. Currently, there are 20 supported cities where that works. It can also keep track of where you parked. That way you don’t get lost trying to find your car. That functionality is available to everybody whether they’re in a supported city or not. People can also send information and images for places that are safe to park anywhere. Over time, this could be a great app to help avoid parking tickets.


Torque Pro is an app for troubleshooting. It pairs with various OBD 2 devices via Bluetooth. It can then read the codes and let you know what your check engine light is. It’s one of the better car apps for mechanics and those who can do their own car work. It can also keep track of a variety of stats from your car. That includes a GPS speedometer, alarms and warnings, CO2 emissions, and more. There is a free version you can try first. However, it was 2015 when it wast last updated. The pro version gets more frequent updates. It’s just something to keep in mind.

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