Sunday, May 26, 2019

Crypto News

Zcash publishes transparency report for second semester

The company Electric Corner , which supports cryptocurrency Zcash recently released a report of transparency on the financial activities of the brand in the second quarter the company relating to the general situation and the details of the income, expenditure and use of funds. An efficiency In the new semi-annual report of 2018, Electronic Coin mentions that with a […]

Pascal Gauthier of Ledger: Sales doubled after Binance’s hacking

While Binance recently resumed its crypto-trading activities following the hacking  that cost it $ 40 million, two weeks ago, it seems that this incident was significant for the crypto-community. Sales of cryptocurrency and security hardware and software by the French company Ledger have reportedly increased by 100%. Growing fears Although the accident has already been resolved by the adoption of […]

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