Friday, December 14, 2018

Crypto News

Intel obtains patent related to crypto-mining

Recently, the computer chip manufacturing giant filed a patent called “Optimized SHA256 Datapath”announced as a new economical bitcoin mining technology. According to the report, this innovation from Intel would be able to mine BTCs more quickly by saving 15% of energy. Intel lightens crypto mining Described by environmentalists and second-class miners, the Bitcoin mining procedure has a […]

The new Sirin labs Blockchain smartphone is available for pre-order

Sirin Labs has released its new Blockchain smartphone called Finney, featuring secure mobile technology and a cold wallet. The characteristics of Finney Sirin Labs’ innovative smartphone was created in tribute to the late Bitcoin developer Hal Finney . Foxconn, an iPhone maker, has contributed to the production of the Blockchain device (based on the Blockchain) which costs $ 999 and can be […]

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