Monday, July 22, 2019

Crypto News

Japan launches SWIFT cryptocurrency network with FATF endorsement

The Japanese government has recently been approved by the GAFI authority to create a SWIFT-type banking network. It is the largest global cryptocurrency payment network that will fight against money laundering thanks to the transparency and immutability conveyed by the Blockchain. Fight effectively against money laundering A source close to the subject said that Japan would develop a new payment network in […]

Ripple’s Director of Technology (CTO) Recommends Using XRP at Amazon and Uber

According to David Schwartz, the technical director at Ripple, the largest companies around the world should be able to take advantage of the use of crypto-currencies and Blockchain, especially the XRP which is now an excellent way to cross-border instant payment. Ripple: a profitable, transparent, fast-moving currency Ripple’s CTO prompted several companies to use virtual currencies during his […]

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